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Louise Family Month

#LouiseFamilyMonth is ready to roll out for the month of July with the official date being July 5. Louise Recreation and Louise CDC have planned up a month-long bingo card filled with fun family ideas to help you and your family celebrate family month. 

We know family looks different for everyone so we kept that in mind planning these activities. Sometimes friends are family, or we have extended family, even our pets are family! So pick up your bingo card filled with fun activities at the Municipal office in both Crystal City or Pilot Mound and have a fun-filled family July!

Here is how it will work; pick up a bingo card or download one from social media or the website. Put an X or bingo dab through as many activities as you can. Return the bingo card back to us by August 3 and get entered in for a family prize! You can drop off your completed Bingo cards at either Municipal office or send it by email. 

For every activity, you will get entered in the prize draw, for every line finished you will get 3 entries and for a blackout, you will get 5 entries. Use the #LouiseFamilyMonth and you will get extra entries. So many fun ways to win.

Celebrating who we are in Louise matters more now than ever, remembering our roots and celebrating our diversity will help to grow our area in ways that will sustain us through the years.
So get out there, have fun, and hey you never know you might even win a prize.
louise-rec@hotmail.com 204-245-0680
Email: fina@louisemb.com Subject line: LDCD 204-873-2591
Louise Family Month Bingo Card
Louise Family Month