Wooden Gate Cider is a family-owned small-batch craft cidery and Winery near Pilot Mound.  All the ciders are made from 100% Manitoba apples and in some varieties, tame and wild Manitoba fruits and berries. All the wines are made from whole grapes, crushed, fermented, blended and bottled on site. The wines themselves fit into natural and traditional wines because there are no added sulphites and for the bubbly wines they are bottled conditioned. The focus is on high-quality, vintage ciders and natural wines that are as good around a fire as they are with a good meal. 
Winemaker / Cidermaker Clint Cavers uses 15 years of homebrew and winemaking experience as well as many years dedicated to local and sustainable food production in the province to highlight the quality of the province's fruit and natura wine. Clint has been known for his ciders and wine for more than a decade.
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Wooden Gate Cider Release Party
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Shuttle rides available to and from town and campgrounds. 
Make a weekend of it and explore the area, there is so much to do you will be sure to come back and visit.
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Call-inns Hotel 204-825-2800
Harvest Moon Learning Centre 204-873-3858
Local Campgrounds 204-245-0680
We are beyond thrilled to announce that three of our ciders won medals and placed in the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition. 
ORCHARD QUEEN is our Reserve cider for 2021. It is a crisp Rosé made from 100% Kerr crabapples. This particular crab apple was originally developed at the Morden Research Station in Manitoba and is now a treasured crab apple favorite, particularly sought after by cidermakers. You will know it by its deep red, medium sized fruit that stay on the tree long after all other apples have fallen.

This cider won best in class at the Great Lakes International Cider

   and Perry competition in Michigan. Carbonation: Medium Aromas: Cherry, fresh tropical fruits, and citrus. Slightly herbaceous Tasting notes: off dry, slightly acidic, long finish**All of our ciders are unfiltered, and have a small amount of sediment in the bottle.**750ml bottle

$19.99 + tax




Red Boyne Raspberry Cider -This is an easy drinking cider made with dessert apples and steeped with fresh Boyne Raspberries. A true prairie cider that is sweet and bubbly. Smells just like freshly picked raspberries on a hot summer day. This one is packed full of berry flavor. This cider received a silver medal at GLINT Cap awards 2022 Carbonation: Highly carbonated Aromas: Raspberries, watermelon and fruit punch

Taste: Semi sweet with a long berry finish

**All of our ciders are unfiltered, and have a small amount of sediment in the bottle.**


$14.99 + tax

LATE HARVEST is a blend of late harvested dessert apples and late season crabs. Late season apples tend to offer higher sugar levels, creating a higher alcohol content, as well as many deeper aromas. This cider received a Bronze medal in the GLINT Cap competition 2022

Carbonation: Light

Aromas: Apples, Floral(lilac)

Tasting notes: Semi Sweet, slightly sour, with a lingering acidic finish

**All of our ciders are unfiltered, and have a small amount of sediment in the bottle.**

750ml bottle

$17.99 + tax


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