What to expect at a cider tasting

Wooden Gate Cider Tastings
Coming to a cider tasting that Wooden Gate Cider is putting on is very exciting. You can be guaranteed that there will be some excellent new cider to taste and some incredible appetizers paired with them.

  • Head cider maker, Clinton Cavers will introduce himself and his business Wooden gate Cider
  • You will start off with your first cider tasting, Clinton will describe the process of making the cider and walk you through some of the flavour profiles you might be tasting.
  • Only specific Ciders will be available for purchase after every event

Some cider notes to think about while tasting the ciders:

  • Clarity: clear, cloudy, hazy, bright, brilliant.
    Depth: pale, dark, light, deep, dense.
    Carbonation: still, petillant, sparkling.
    Viscosity: watery, thin, full-bodied, syrupy.
    Cidery: distinctive cider-like characteristic typical.
    Winey: wine-like, vinous, bouquet.