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Rental Facilities

The Municipality of Louise has many rental facilities to suit your event needs, whether it is a baby shower or social we have a space that is perfect.

The Municipality of Louise is encouraged to make their facilities available for use by community organizations and groups. Within the AMM General Insurance Program, municipalities have insurance coverage for damage to property caused by outside organizations, and liability protection for injuries to members of these groups arising from the negligence of the municipality. However, these organizations are NOT covered by the AMM General Insurance Program for either property they may bring into a municipal building, or for injuries or damage arising from their activities on the property. Therefore, when renting 3rd party insurance is required. 
Follow this link to get third party insurance here:  Third party insurance

 Clearwater Memorial Hall  204-873-2646 
 Clearwater Curling Club  204-873-2646 
 Clearwater  Harvest Moon Centre 204-873-3858 
 Clearwater This old Church   204-245-0808
Crystal City  Floyd & Ethel Cudmore Hall 
Crystal City   Friendship Centre  204-873-2587
Pilot Mound  Kin Hall  204-825-2660 
Pilot Mound   Legion Hall 204-825-2773 
 Pilot Mound Fellowship Club   204-825-2325
 Pilot Mound United Community Arts   204-245-0636