We asked every age group in Pilot Mound what they like best about living here. Here's what some of our seniors had to say.... 

Pilot Mound is a peaceful, quiet and pretty little town. It's nice, as you get older, to be able to walk down our streets, day or night, and feel safe

It is reassuring to know that we are close to medical care when needed. It's also so important to know that when you need help it's available. Our ambulance is second to none. When 911 is dialed, we are quite sure we will know the medical team. They will be at our door as soon as humanly possible with a concerned smile on their face. 

Everything is available to us. We have several churches, grocery stores, a post office, a drugstore, hardware & lumber stores, a gas bar, restaurants, golf course, ballpark, a new skating and curling rink. 

We looked at retiring in several communities, but chose Pilot Mound because of very low lot prices and qualified and reasonably priced contract workers to build our new home. 

We have everything we need here. If the local hospital can't provide the medical care we need, it's not a long drive to Boundary Trails Hospital. 

Security here is a big plus. There are no worries walking down the street or sidewalks day or night, and people always stop to talk or wave. 

There's lots to do and lots to see. Rock Lake is only 10 miles away for recreation, boating, fishing, etc. 

As a transport driver, I have seen a lot of Canada, and the USA, and I have discovered that this is probably the nicest place of all. 

Pilot Mound is a very quiet, friendly town where you know all your neighbors. Years ago the community looked to the future and built the Senior housing, Personal Care Home and Prairie View Lodge. There are support groups for various needs such as Alzheimer's or depression, and Louise Community Services for Seniors was established to assist with daily chores and transportation. The Handi-Van is available for those of us who don't drive. 

We can go to the Stay-fit programs, curl, bowl, golf, or just go for a walk, as it's safe to do that here. 

If you like to volunteer, there are tons of opportunities for that. This is a volunteer-driven community. 

I've been in Pilot Mound 11 years, and retired for 16. I moved to Pilot Mound after some research into the availability of a doctor, as well as of grocery stores, churches, recreation, and sports. 

Houses are available here at reasonable prices, and the community is a friendly and caring group of people. 

There is definitely no reason for anyone to be bored with so many organizations, sports and events in this little town. 

We have lived in Pilot Mound for over 40 years and have been retired about 10. When we retired we never even considered moving to a larger center or warmer climate. 

Regarding the question "What do you like best about living in Pilot Mound?" I would say "just about everything!" 

The people are the greatest! If you have a problem of any kind, your neighbours are always there for you. 

You can participate in or cheer on any form of sport. There's camping, boating, fishing. You can ride your bike or walk the 5km loop around town, or in the winter, participate in the hall walking at the school. 

We are close to the scenic Pembina Valley, and less than an hours drive from a major center. 

The stores in town and their staff are great. You can get just about everything you need here. 

Our town thrives because of its volunteers, so if you want to do volunteering, this is the place for you. It's a good way to become involved and get to meet our friendly people. 

This is a safe place for seniors to live, with a variety of housing to choose from. 

We've just retired, and come here from Alberta. While it's true that I was raised here years ago, we had many reasons for choosing Pilot Mound as our retirement home. 

When you retire, and if you move to a new community, you want to put roots down for the future, so for starters, it was important to us that the real estate prices be reasonable. 

We love our sports, and wanted to be somewhere we could participate in them, or be an avid spectator. Pilot Mound has great sports available to us, and a great sports history. 

We like seeing wildlife, and there's lots of that here for hunters and bird-watchers alike. Rock Lake is nearby, and the swamps and smaller lakes supporting a variety of wildlife are abundant. 

Medical care, both now and in the future is critical. With the hospital and clinic at Crystal City, Boundary Trails just 45 minutes away, the apartments and 4-plexes for Seniors, the Personal Care Home & Prairie View lodge, as well as all the support services in place for aging seniors here, we know that through the years, we'll have all we need. 

If we get in the mood to travel, the US Border's right here, and it's only two hours to Winnipeg, or 90 minutes to Brandon. 

Pilot Mound is a perfect place for us to retire to, and if the area hadn't had all of this, we'd have looked elsewhere. 

My daughter lives here with her family, so that's the primary reason I chose Pilot Mound to move to. They worried about me living in the city, and an incident in there made me realize it was time to get out. 

I was able to buy a small house in town at a very reasonable price. 

I can safely walk around town, or ride my bike. I've made lots of new friends through the many clubs I belong to and the things to do here. 

It's a nice little town. 

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