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Living Here

Old Mound
Municipality of Louise:
The rich rolling land is filled with prairie grass, wildflowers, berries, wild fowl, birds and deer and so much more.
The Municipality of Louise is located in Central Manitoba, 148 km Southwest of Manitoba's capital city of Winnipeg and 105 km Southeast of Manitoba's second largest city Brandon. The Municipality shares a border with the USA.
The towns of Clearwater, Crystal City, and Pilot Mound are the communities within Louise. Many families in Louise value the quiet country lifestyle. Outdoor sports enthusiasts appreciate the excellent snowmobiling, fishing,and hunting in various spots within Louise. 
The Municipality has a huge recreation program, from hockey to yoga as well as top notch facilities to support all ice sports. Golfing and 55+ senior centre's, playgrounds and a library, outdoor pool and art centre's are all alive and bustling in Louise.
When you consider moving or running a business the Municipality of Louise is a prime location for you. The Municipality of Louise Council, Louise Chamber of Commerce's, and Louise Community Development are all committed to further economic and residential development and welcome visitors, investors, businesses and new residents.
The Municipality of Louise has a welcome wagon so if you are new to the area or no of someone that is new fill the form out below so we can give them a welcome package and officially welcome them here.


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 Freshwater matters to all communities and the Municipality of Louise has been making sure all three communities make water a priority. Watch this video explaining how Pilot Mound ensures that the water that is distributed from this water plant is clean and fresh