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Rock Lake Handy Van Services

The Rock Lake Handy Van operates with funds from the Manitoba Government, the Municipality of Louise and client user fees and is run by a Council Board. Due to escalating costs and the lack of availability of approved drivers the fees are as follows:

1. User Fees - $1.00/ km with a $20 minimum to include a 1-hour wait/ layover time per trip. One way trips outside the Municipality charge $1 per km to a  destination (minimum of $20) plus $20 per hour fee for the driver to return to Crystal City (minimum $20).

2. Service hours - 8 am to 6 pm Tuesday to Friday - times and dates outside normal service must be pre-arranged with the driver or arrangements made to supply an approved driver.

3. The driver may request that an attendant accompany a user - if client needs assistance to be mobile, attendant may be required.
The Handy Van Board is attempting to maintain this valuable service for our community.
Bookings call driver: Keith Gosnell Cell (204)825-7780 Home (204)873-3857