Crystal City Digital Sign Guidelines


Crystal City & District Chamber of Commerce

Digital Sign Guidelines

  • Community Groups/Non-Profits/Organizations
    • Suppers/Registrations/Tournaments/Concerts/Plays/Fundraising Events/Entry Deadlines/Ticket Sales
      •   Free
        • Up to 6 slides
        • Up to 4 lines of text per slide
        • Logo can be included if provided
        • Specific colours/graphics can be requested, not guaranteed
        • # of days on display can vary
      • Additional graphics or animation may be available for a donation !

  •  Personal/Private
    •  Greetings, Wishes or Congratulations for
    •  Birthday/Anniversary/Celebration/Retirement/Graduation/Wedding/etc.
      •  $20 per day
        • 4 slides maximum
        • Up to 4 lines of text per slide
        • Specific colours/graphics can be requested
        • Optional image can be requested
        • Maximum 3 days on display
  •  Businesses
    • Business or satellite thereof;  must be operating in the Municipality of Louise
      • Basic
        • 1 slide – business card,  small advert, or 4 lines of text
        • Logo can be included if provided (see below)
        • Slide will be scheduled to run as required for up to 12 times a day, all year    
          • CC&D Chamber Members   -   free
          • Non-members                     -  $ 50
      • Special event/sale
        • Up to 4 slides
        • Optional colours, graphics, animation may be available
        • Logos/graphics  provided by business (see below)
        • Cost is $20 for 1 week in addition to the Basic charge above
        • Displays longer than 1 week by arrangement 


General Information 

All ad content must be provided by completing and submitting the online form at Online Ad Form at least 1 week prior to the requested start date, or

by filling out a copy of the printed form (available at Ad form   or at the Municipal office) and submitting it at least 1 week prior to the requested start date by e-mail to, or by drop-off at the Municipal Office.

Any payment required must be received prior to the advert going live on the digital sign.

 Any content provided such as logos, photos, prepared layout, etc. should be in .jpeg or .png format and sized to a maximum aspect ratio of 108 (height) x 216 (width).

Please note that about 14 characters very maximum can be fitted per line to be readable (spaces count as 1 character !).  The less lines and characters, the better for visibility and impact. 

For Non-member businesses wishing to include a logo/graphic, there will be a one-time fee of $25 for uploading to the digital library; that logo/graphic will then be available for all future use if requested.  

If requested, a proof of the ad can be sent prior to going live. Once live, any changes requested will be made as quickly as possible; depending on the nature of the change, an additional fee of $15 may apply.

All ads will be subject to Chamber approval for clarity, readability and colour combination. And no ad will be displayed if deemed inappropriate or offensive upon review by the Chamber.

The Chamber reserves the right to interrupt the live ads at any time to broadcast  information for emergencies,  public safety and public awareness.

The sign is currently live from 5.30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily. 

For any questions, or to make special requests, please call, text or e-mail the Chamber. 


Call or text                                                                       204-208-0169

e-mail for the sign                                               


e-mail to the chamber                                            

(for membership enquiries and benefits)  


All monies received will be used for the operation and maintenance of the sign.


Updated 7 Oct 2022