The Parklane Theatre

 The Parklane Theatre is operated by a committee of eight volunteers, with additional assistance from within the community. The venue hosts local productions from school plays to community variety concerts and musicals. To volunteer, to find out about the upcoming programmes, or to rent the Theatre, check out their Facebook page at  Parklane Theatre or call Catherine Keays (Committee Chair) at 204-312-0211. 
Below: The current brochure for the Parklane Theatre in Crystal City. 
       The reverse side of the brochure gives the history of the Honourable Greenway's Paintings which were in the Royal Music Hall and are now back in the Theatre.
 The Royal Music Hall
  Above:  The original Royal Music Hall circa 1920 which stood on the site now occupied by the Parklane Theatre. Note "The Bell" in the tower, which is now located in the Park opposite the Theatre.