Walking/Cycling/X-Country Ski Trail

Trail A scenic walking/cycling trail affords good exercise plus a time to
 commune quietly with nature. Wild flowers, ducks and geese and   occasionally a wild coyote, deer, beaver or muskrat can be seen.
 The trail starts by the Cudmore Community Hall next to the Park,
 dips down to pass under the old Canadian Pacific Railway bridge,
 runs alongside Crystal Creek, the reservoir and the ball diamonds
 past the launch ramp and then up a slope past the back of the
 Arena and on into town.
 The same trail is extended during the winter as a X-country ski trail,
 turning south from the Arena, up past the Cemetery, round the east
 side of the town to the Early Years School, then out round to the back of the Rock Lake
 Hospital.  Here a side trail to the Greenway Cemetery branches off to the west. 
 Continuing on, the main trail ends at the old Creamery Bridge built in 1920 carrying the road
 out west to Clearwater and Rock Lake.